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OST KIT Alpha Phase III: Embedded Wallet-Lite Challenge


This is the third challenge of 2018 from the Open Simple Token Team.

The OST Kit is a platform that helps you easily create and manage the economy of your own token ("branded Token") that runs over the Open ST protocol.

On the first to challenges participants took advantage of the API and SDK that were being built to easily integrate regular services with the their utility blockchain. Now on this third competition will be all about creating, interacting with, and supporting embedded wallet features that show users’ token balances and transaction histories.

You will need to integrate with an existing service and make use of the wallet. The deliverables are:

* Create a qualifying PoC integration.
* Publish a half-way blog post with an update about the progress of your project.
* Submit a final YouTube video presenting your PoC & complete the final submission form.
* Publish a final blog post about your PoC.

And the awards will be:

* 75k OST for all projects that successfully deliver all four items.
* 25k in additional “OST Social Alpha” rewards.
* The best 8 submissions will be awarded 250k OST, 5 awarded by the OST team and 3 awarded by the public.

For more details you can read the announcement on the website.

Registration closes July 20, 2018, 1 p.m.
Submission deadline Aug. 10, 2018, 1 p.m.